For teachers

Below are a series of videos to help teachers deliver the program remotely and in school.

Microsoft Teams

Logging into Teams (Hwb Accounts)

This video demonstrates:

  • Logging into the Hwb

  • Selecting Account

  • Opening Office 365

  • Opening Teams in browser

Hwb login for pupils

This video demonstrates:

  • Navigating to Hwb via browser

  • Adding account and logging in

  • Navigating Office 365

  • Locating OneNote and Teams

Adding pupils to a Team

This video demonstrates:

  • Opening your team

  • Opening options

  • Add a pupil/member to a team

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote Learning Tools

This video demonstrates:

  • Immersive Reader

  • OneNote page colour

  • Text Size

  • Zoom in and out

  • Draw

  • Recording Audio

  • Dictation

Class Notebook Overview

This video demonstrates:

  • Class notebook explanation

  • Locating Class Notebooks

  • Navigating Class Notebook in OneNote in browser

  • Adding pages

  • Explanation of Collaboration Space, Content Library, Teacher Only section, Students Sections

OneNote Distributing Pages

This video demonstrates:

  • Navigating to your Class Notebook

  • How to distribute pages to individuals or the whole class

Accessing Assignments

This video demonstrates:

  • Opening the assignments tab

  • Opening the work to be completed

  • How to download audio files if they do not work

  • How to Hand in work

  • How to contact staff with issues

OneNote Leaving Feedback

This video demonstrates:

  • How to find students work

  • Adding Comments

  • Inserting Audio comments

  • Inserting Stickers