For home learning

Below are a series of videos we have produced to help parents support their children completing the RILL project from home.

Logging into Teams (Hwb Accounts)

This video demonstrates:

  • Logging into the Hwb

  • Selecting Account

  • Opening Office 365

  • Opening Teams in browser

Basic navigation of Teams

This video demonstrates:

  • Where to find your team

  • How to contact your teacher in teams

  • Where to find files sent by the teacher

  • Accessing Classnote book

  • Accessing Assignments for Asynchronous

  • Opening Class notebook in-app or browser

Access OneNote in Teams

This video demonstrates:

  • Finding lessons

  • Navigating the different lesson pages

  • Expanding the Teams OneNote screen

OneNote in an internet browser

This video demonstrates:

  • Typing/highlighting text

  • Recording audio files and inserting it into the page

  • Inserting pictures

  • How to draw in OneNote

OneNote Learning Tools

This video demonstrates:

  • Immersive Reader

  • OneNote page colour

  • Text Size

  • Zoom in and out

  • Draw

  • Recording Audio

  • Dictation

Accessing Class Notebook

This video demonstrates:

  • Logging into Hwb

  • Opening OneNote

  • Opening Class Notebook

Accessing Assignments

This video demonstrates:

  • Opening the assignments tab

  • Opening the work to be completed

  • How to download audio files if they do not work

  • How to Hand in work

  • How to contact staff with issues

Joining a live lesson

This video demonstrates:

  • Contacting teacher in Teams

  • How to join lessons in the Team post