Read below some of the positive feedback we have received from our participants:

"Our two boys took part in RILL during the spring and summer of the first lockdown. It was such a positive experience for them both, it gave them something fun and different to focus on and the one to one lessons were great. It definitely helped maintain their literacy skills and the attention, positivity and enthusiasm of their teacher gave them a much needed confidence boost. The scheme also gave us as parents peace of mind that they were getting support to keep up their English skills during lockdown. Both of the boys had excellent feedback in their October parents evenings, with their teachers saying both were doing well and neither had fallen behind in their literacy skills despite the lockdown and I do attribute a large part of this to them continuing with RILL during the summer holidays."

“My husband and I are both key workers. I had three weeks off during lockdown as I was in-between jobs and was taking care of home-schooling. […] When I heard about this study, I thought it was a win, win situation. Elena, their teacher, has been brilliant. It’s amazing for them to have the interaction. Her engagement style, her story telling, everything is brilliant. Part of me doesn’t want it to end because [our daughter] is getting so much out of it.”

“Any issues or concerns were answered promptly by email or during Teams meeting and support is available anytime when needed by members of the team. Students can contact teacher on the Teams account whenever they may need to. Pupils who may not engage in class discussions/activities due can open up and discuss in a small group.”

Feedback from Classroom teaching assistant

“The intervention program is fantastic as it captures the learners attention, from video support to using sound and visual aids, it gives the child/children confidence in reading and oracy skills which they can in turn use to develop their writing. Technology is developing so fast so I must admit I did struggle at first but after the fantastic training and catch-up sessions the RILL Team offered I feel confident when it comes to using it in class after Easter. Thank you for all the amazing help and guidance from everyone during these very challenging times we are so grateful to you all.”

Feedback from SMT; Lead for Literacy; Classroom teacher KS2

“The project provided excellent lessons to help build pupils phonics skills and phonemic awareness in a way that kept them engaged as well as helping them built their confidence in ICT.”

Feedback from Classroom teaching assistant.

“Rydyn ni yn mwynhau chwarae gemau iaith ar y safle yn fawr. Mae’r plant yn dysgu drwy gael hwyl.”

(We really enjoy playing the language games on the site. The children learn by having fun).

Sian Jones, Specialist Dyslexia Teacher, Miles Dyslexia Centre